Web Design and WordPress Development Services

Your company’s website is the main hub for all the marketing and promotion. The website is where your customers make their purchases (or find the phone number and email contact form for companies that don’t have e-commerce). The website is where site surfers signup for email marketing campaigns or become new social media followers. And let’s not forget that it’s the website that ends up getting search engine traffic, which has the highest conversion rates of any traffic source out there. This makes your company website the most important promotional asset out there.


WordPress Site Development

WordPress is the CMS of choice over here at Lost Soul Media, and for good reasons! WordPress powers over one third of all websites globally and that’s because it’s an amazing platform to work with! WordPress is open-source (therefore no-cost), insanely easy to use and has a huge 3rd party developer community, which has made thousands of themes and plugins available, making WordPress sites highly customizable and feature-rich.

If you’d prefer a CMS other than WordPress let us know. We stick to CMS development only, as it’s less expensive and less time-consuming than hard coding a site. This in turn enables us to provide less expensive services with faster turnaround times.