Onsite SEO and Offsite SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the act of optimizing a website to be more search engine friendly. Doing this helps increase the chance that the website will rank better in search engines such as Google and Bing. Once a site has been successfully SEO’d (and assuming it can maintain the search engine rankings) the website will start bringing in an endless stream of organic search engine traffic. The greater the search engine rankings, the greater the flow of organic search engine traffic.


Types of SEO: Onsite and Offsite

There are two distinct types of SEO: Onsite SEO and offsite SEO. They’re explained below


Onsite SEO Optimization

As the name implies, onsite SEO deals with all the content and optimization that occurs on the website itself. This ranges from the actual blog (or page) content to cleaning up the code and making the site run better. With mobile browsing becoming bigger than desktop browsing, responsive CSS (mobile version of site) and site speed (mobile load time can be slow, especially in rural areas such as Southwest Colorado). Other factors include internal linking and anchor text of the links, and elements such as url structure, site speed, header text, image meta and other elements contained on the webpage itself.


Our Onsite SEO Packages

Here’s the onsite SEO services we offer


Site Scans / Audits

Pricing: TBD depending on website size

Scan of the entire website (everything that can be crawled) with reports generated on all critical onsite SEO factors. The reports drill down on individual pages where the errors were located. The package also includes a written explainer of what the elements are and why they are important to SEO.


Off-Site SEO / Linkbuilding

Equally important is offsite SEO. Offsite SEO entails everything that is done to help the SEO of a website, happening off of the actual website itself. Essentially, all of offsite SEO is “Linkbuilding”. Linkbuilding is the act of building backlinks from one website to another. Backlinks act as “Internet Votes”. In theory, websites are only going to link to websites that have good content. Unfortunately, SEOs manipulated that, so it’s not always the case. Even with blackhat link-building, it’s still a strong authority indicator. There’s also the concept of social signals and citations, both which are much debated within the industry.


Our Offsite SEO Packages

Here’s the offsite SEO services we offer


Get Added To Our Directories

Pricing: Free!

We’ve got a number of different themed sites relating to the Four Corners Area. These sites feature businesses that fit within that particular category or theme. Themes range from music to travel and much more. Check out all our Four Corners informational sites & directories to see if there’s one of them that your business falls into. If your business is a fit, and we don’t currently have you included, we’ll gladly add you!


Podcasting: RSS Feed Building & Submitting

Pricing: $200

As far as the bang for the buck goes, this deal is unbelievable! Many of the podcast directories offer website links. Podcasters can also get links through the podcast description (blog post) and through other means. We’ve streamlined the process of producing and submitting podcasts to the point where we can offer it at this insanely low rate! Don’t already have a podcast? holler at us about what’ll take. We can even save you some money. Basically, you’ll need the content, WordPress and podcast hosting. We’ve got an entire guide on getting started podcasting.


Podcasting: Feature Podcast On Lost Soul Media

Pricing: Free!

Already running a podcast? Feature it on theĀ podcast section of the Lost Soul Media Blog! As long as it’s quality content that we enjoy, we’ve got no problem featuring it on our site. We’ll provide links within the blog post body as well. We expect submissions to be insanely turnkey: Embed code, blog body, everything formatted correctly.