Want to be part of the Lost Soul Media Network? LSM is a collection of websites, podcasts and communities local to the Four Corners Region. In addition to all of our “in-house” sites and programs, we’re also accepting and hosting content from other creators within our area. Here’s all the details on how to get added!


Add Your Podcast Or Show

Attention Four Corners podcasters! Gain additional exposure by becoming a part of the Lost Soul Media Network! In addition to gaining increased exposure from the Lost Soul Media Podcast Directory and social media followers, show hosts can also take advantage of some of the other perks offered to content creators:

  • Newly Added Content Shared Via Social Media: All new podcast episodes added get shared with our social media followers, gaining increased exposure and viewers.
  • Increased Audio / Video Syndication: Although most podcast networks are free to submit your show to, not all of them are. Podcasters who opt not to invest in the premium / paid networks can still gain exposure from those sites by having it uploaded to our channel on those sites.
  • Gain Access To Our Streamyard Account: Podcasters within the Lost Soul Media Network have the ability to borrow our Streamyard account. Please note: if we’ve got an in-house live program, or no one is available to check the email and shoot the login code, Streamyard will not be available.
  • Podcast / Show Website Built Free: As long as you purchase the domain name, we’ll get you setup with a free WordPress site! We’re able to piggyback the hosting on our server, which will always have plenty of bandwidth. Footer link / co-branding required for free web development and hosting.
  • Reduced Costs For Blubrry Hosting: For actual hosting of the MP3 or MP4 files, we have to charge due to us being charged ourselves. That being said, we’re able to provide Blubrry podcast hosting at a lower rate due to our high volume from hosting multiple shows. If you have your own files, podcast files can be added to your RSS by providing the URL to wherever you’ve got the episode currently hosted.
  • RSS Feed Already Formatted to iTunes Specifications: Your feed is already formatted to iTunes specifications and is compatible with all other feed-catchers / podcast networks. Simply add the MP3 file and submit your feed anywhere you want the podcast syndicated to.


Submit PRs / Announcements As Blog Content

Got something newsworthy to share? Submit your press releases or other forms of content for a chance to have them featured within our network! In addition to being posted to this site, your piece could be published on any number of our network of websites! We’ve got a wide range of regional sites with themes ranging from travel to music. In addition to being posted to the blog, all newly posted content will also be shared with our social media following.


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