Branding and Graphic Design Services

Lost Soul Media offers the complete in-house graphic design solution. Whether it’s being designed for digital or hardcopy or whether you company is starting 100% fresh with zero visual assets or happens to have some very heavy branding, we can handle any and all graphic design needs. Make your marketing campaigns stand out and impress with quality visual assets that truly represent you and your business.


Branding / Logo

For brand new companies, the logo is going to be one of the most important parts of the branding and something that’s going to be required for most other marketing material. If you’ve got an idea of what the perfect logo is going to look like, we’ll turn the vision into a reality. If you’re stumped on the perfect design, we’ll help brainstorm and design the image that matches your company and branding perfectly.


Social Media Avatar & Headers

Social media marketing is a major part of all promotion, and the visual assets are very important when it comes to making the profile stand out and look stunning. Unfortunately for graphic designers and marketers, the various finish sizes vary drastically. We can help you out with the complete collection of all the different finish sizes. This avoids distortion from resizing or cut off text and images.


Graphic Design For Company Website

Get all the graphic design you’ll need to build your company website. When businesses think about what kind of visual assets are required for the website, usually there’s something that gets overlooked. The favicon, for example, is something that people don’t even know exists and is often overlooked. With our graphic design package for webmasters, we’ll make sure everything from the main logo to blog thumbnail templates, blog header templates and (of course) a transparent favicon are provided.


Graphic Design For Printed Material

Design for offset printing is different than designing for web-based images. Knowing the best practices and how to generate “print-ready” InDesign PDFs streamlines the process, helps ensure optimal print quality and saves the print shop’s pre-press department from having to fix errors in order to make the files print ready


Podcast Artwork

If you’ve ever started a podcast before, you probably remember being shocked at how large of a finish size iTunes required for hosts submitting their feed. Outside of the main podcast image, there’s other visual assets that can help make your podcast look amazing. This includes shells / templates for individual episodes, blog thumbnails and images for video sites such as YouTube or Vimeo. We’ll make sure that you’ve got shells and templates for every network you plan to upload to.


Hand Drawn Illustrations

For those that don’t feel the Adobe Creative Suites can produce the same quality of product as good old fashioned illustration, we’ve got an in-house illustrator that is able to create amazing hand-drawn pictures and design. We’re even able to take the hand drawn artwork and convert it into vector-based images so that it can be incorporated into other digital images without compromising on quality.