Lost Soul Media was the April Fools Joke that never went away. Founded on April 1st, 2020 as a collection of themed sites local to the Four Corners Region. The initial sites that made up the network were Durango Music, Durango Chronic and Travel Four Corners. These sites were all launched by Nathan Hammond with separate and isolated teams.


The Covid-19 Relief Effort

All the initial projects were launched in an attempt to provide some level of aid during the coronavirus outbreak. Everyone involved in the early days was either unemployed or underemployed due to the pandemic. To make things even more interesting, many of the original crew had next to none webmaster experience, making the entire operation quite the learning experience.


Filing of Lost Soul Media

Lost Soul Media came 23 days after the initial launch of sites. Lost Soul Media was purposely made broad, so that all projects could fit underneath the umbrella, as well as any other projects that might be launched at a later date. This website was originally meant to be very “corporatey” and dry. It was also meant to be a web property outlining and offering the various marketing / business solutions that are being promoted by the network of sites. That whole concept didn’t last long and the entire network became very much content-oriented, featuring multiple locally produced shows, some that are not even “in-house” to the companies under the Lost Soul umbrella.